Highway & Road Retroreflectivity Testing

Measuring Nighttime Retroreflectivity for Highways and Roads

Developing a program to measure nighttime retroreflectivity for highway markings is a critical component to highway safety.
Markings that do not reach minimum standards cannot be seen at night.

What is Retroreflectivity?

In a nutshell, retroreflectivity has to do with how well you can see road markings at night. Reflective pavement markings reflect the light from the vehicle’s headlight back at the driver. It is accomplished by adding glass beads to highway markings during the application process. The higher the retroreflectivity number the better one can see the markings at night. Many DOT’s and government agencies set minimum retroreflectivity numbers in order to ensure work is completed to the highest standards. Measuring the markings over time and monitoring deterioration is a key component in developing an asset management program for your highway markings.

Spec-Rite's Approach to Highway Markings

The Spec-Rite team works with government agencies to set and review minimum standards.   Spec-Rite can work with municipalities to measure new work performed by highway crews and outside markings contractors to ensure new application meet standards.  We can also measure entire road systems quickly and efficiently to determine overall retroreflectivity levels.   This information can be used to schedule upcoming maintenance.

Spec-Rite has the best equipment in the industry to measure retroreflectivity.  Spec-Rite exclusively uses Delta retroreflectometers to measure retroreflectivity.

Delta’s LTL-M measures the retroreflection of pavement markings continuously with a measurement width up to 3.3 feet. It can measure double lines simultaneously, reports individually and records the geometry of the markings. LTL-M in addition records the presence of raised pavement markers (RPM). 

All of the measurements are available to the client on our patent-pending Spec-Rite platform.  On the platform you can do the following:

  • Review the results on our GPS platform.
  • Review video/pictures of the markings
  • Predictive Maintenance Modeling
  • Work Flow Management
  • Budget Forecasting

Is Highway safety important to you?
Spec-Rite has equipment throughout the United States and Canada
and can mobilize at a moment’s notice.