From the CEO

John McNeely is CEO of Spec-Rite, LLC. He possesses over 30 years of experience in the transportation sector ranging from roads and highways to airfield pavements. He has worked with airport operators, industry professionals and regulators around the world to elevate aviation safety standards including quality control and best practice methodologies for installation and maintenance of airfield markings. His current goal is to transform the airfield maintenance industry with software and services to improve compliance and safety throughout the global aviation industry.  He earned an MBA from the University of Buffalo where he studied Corporate Finance. Throughout his time working in the industry, he has worked closely with many groups like NYAMA, AAAE, ACI, and ATSSA. In his free time, John enjoys hiking, skiing, diving and traveling. 

Hello, I am John McNeely, CEO of Spec-Rite.  Throughout the last thirty years, I have visited airports around the world offering guidance and recommendations on enhancing airfield safety.   What I have found are similar themes at airports around the world:

  • Meeting the latest FAA and ICAO specifications is difficult and daunting.
  • There is never enough time to get all of the work done, especially as air traffic continues to increase from year to year.
  • Maintenance is labor intensive, costly and never ending; nevertheless, it is critical to operating a safe airfield.

Here is just one example of a common compliance issue we find on airfields.  Airfield markings play a critical role in reducing runway incursions while guiding planes from the runway to the apron. You could make the argument that the hold position marking is the most important marking in stopping planes and vehicles from crossing on to an active runway.  Despite its critical role, we continually notice hold bars that are not reflective at night, in the wrong place, facing the wrong direction and having the wrong pattern and dimensions. Our research finds the same mistakes at airports all around the world. Airports in the US are continually written up by the FAA during their inspection for improper markings.  

How do you manage such an important airfield asset?  That was the question we asked internally.  The result is a first-of-its-kind airfield markings management software that will ensure a safe and compliant airfield.  We have developed Spec-Rite to manage all data related to airfield markings to determine compliance, manage the work force, budget and plan.  Coupled with base line metrics offered by Spec-Rite, for the first time you will have a comprehensive study and analysis of your airfield markings.  By properly managing an asset with all of the available information will not only be safer and compliant but save you time and money.

We have put together a dynamic team to develop other airfield modules.  Our goal is to have one software developed by industry experts to manage all aspects of airfield operations and maintenance.  From collecting data to improving safety Spec-Rite should be the only place you go for answers.  

We are bold, aggressive, the best in the industry.  And we believe the future is bright and reflective.


John S. McNeely