• Airfield Maintenance Software That Keeps You In FAA PART 139 & ICAO Compliance

    The Spec-Rite® patent-pending software platform will transform how you manage your airfield.
    It has been developed by Hi-Lite, the leading global airfield maintenance company.

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Simplify and Automate Airfield Maintenance

The Spec-Rite Team is focused on immediate results for airport operators.

Safety and Compliance

• Critical Safety Notices • Inspection Results & Analysis • GIS Airfield Imagery

Workforce Management

• QA/QC • Work Order Development & Prioritization • Project Management for Airport Crews & Outside Service Providers

Budget and Planning

• Predictive Maintenance Models • Budget Forecasting & Cost Analysis • Long Term Financial Planning

Software Features

Airfield Digitization Engine

Cloud Based

GIS Based

Updated Imagery

iOS App

Safe and Secure

30 Years of Experience

Spec-Rite is backed by Hi-Lite, the world’s leading airfield maintenance contractor.

Is airfield safety important to you?